Meet The Staff

"You're unlike any programmers I've ever known. I mean, you have personalities!"

Perhaps the best compliment we've received. We're professional but zany, and people love us for it. By being more than just "coders", we get to know our clients and involve them in many aspects of life. Ask any of our associates about our Christmas parties, or our Movie Appreciation events and you'll get an idea of what we are like. And if not, just read!

Bryce K. Nielsen
Programmer, gamer, artist and friend, Bryce is first and foremost a father and husband. His family and beautiful wife Heather have pushed and supported him through his software development career, building on a passion for computers that he had since a young boy. The past 11 years has been spent developing custom software for a plethora of companies. Using this experience, he guides the many projects Wasatch Development Studios tackles.

Kristin Wright
Kristin is the grease between the cogs and keeps this company running smooth. Performing the duties of ten employees, she manages the invoicing, payroll, accounting, marketing, and customer service. Wasatch Development Studios would be lost without her.

Brenin Rhondes
Brenin has spent years in the software development industry and has been keen in delivering solutions for clients in timely fashions. He was instrumental in bringing Parcel Partners to the market, and played a key role on the ProPay and NetSteps teams, as well iBahn's custom invoice utility.

Additional Resources

A plethora of developers at our fingertips...

In addition to our full time resources, we are well connected in the developer community and can branch out and include any number of consultants for any given project.