Wasatch Development Studios

Custom Software Solutions

Business applications, database migrations, web solutions, and much more. Wasatch Development Studios is your answer to building the specific solution for your needs. With years of experience handling the unknown, our staff are experts in numerous technologies and platforms.

But enough of that garbage. What we truly provide is a unique experience. We actually listen. As a potential client, we listen to your concerns and needs, and together we create a proposal that you can use to guide you through your project, even if you decide not to use our consulting services. We care about you and your project and want you to succeed.


Custom Software Solutions

  • Custom Software Consulting

    Creating custom software solutions is our bread and butter. Our consultants have 5 to 10 years (or more) experience each, and treat each project like a father changing a newborn baby's diaper: with care.


  • See Our Clients

    Wasatch Dev has worked with many clients over the years since its inception. From Rent-A-Center to Nature's Sunshine, ProPay to ProStar, the projects we've worked on have accelerated our client's trajectory towards profits every yet. Main reason we are called back for subsequent work.


  • Call Now!

    Need custom work done to advance your business? Contact us immediately and schedule an appointment to review your project and get working!



Get To Know Us

The staff at Wasatch Development Studios is crazy, insightful, personable, and just all around weird. We pride ourselves on being geeks, and most of us are very friendly geeks (I can't speak for Enoch).

Most of us participate in the different social networks. For a complete listing of who we are, what our skills are, and our various hobbies, see our Staff page.